Thursday, May 25, 2006

Getting an EON UnionBank Card

When I first view the UnionBank website, I can't easily find where to sign up for an EON Account. There was no direct link that says "Click Here to Apply for an EON Account. It only says Application Form. The term is sometimes confusing.

The experience was tiresome, at first I got errors and the system can't tell me what it was. Later I found out that the system can't accept entries with a single quote '.

Review of E-commerce Shopping Websites

E-bay Philippines
I like about E-bay is its facility of bidding, it really helps the seller to sell his product at a reasonable price.
I don't like about E-bay is its interface, not too professional, too ordinary looking. The visitors will have the impression that it cannot be trusted due to its looks.
It can improve by changing the interface into a more corporate style, a style that will impose and impression that it can be trusted.

I don't like the website due to its low bandwidth capacity. The owner didn't prepare its website to accomodate more visitors.
I like the website due to its catching images, it really depicts the Filipino Image. The interface is warm to the audience and the images are tempting.
The website could improve by constantly monitor & preparing to accomodate more audience.

Ordering My Birth Certificate Online at

The experience with e-census was relaxing and easy, the problem I encountered was that the requesting facility didn't work with Firefox browser, only Internet Explorer and Netscape.
But the rest is just fine....

My Internet Experience.

I first started using the Internet last 2000, when I started looking for a job.

What I like and dislike about the Internet? Hmm...
I like it because of easy access of Information and easy transfer of Information needed.
I dislike it due to the cost of being online, it is still high right now.

My favorite website is Google, because I can explore plenty of other websites from there. I can find the things I need. And the interface is simple and not crowdy, it really serves the purpose of searching.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Longing for Home

It seems like yesterday when I first started with my training here in NATCCO Manila. It has been almost 130 days that I have undergone with this training hoping that the skills I have learned will help our cooperative fulfill its mission through Technology.

Now the training is almost finished, we are all going for the homerun. Still the thought of going home always hit me every time I am idle and thinking. I miss everybody back home, especially my wife and daughter who missed me too.

I treat going home as my reward after all this hardships I have undergone. I wish it will be tomorrow. Every passing day reminds me I am near that day I will embrace my reward.

Home....... there's no place like it really......

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